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I-APS Membership

The Inter-American Photochemical Society has more than 600 members in academia, industry, and government throughout North and South America.  It holds an annual Winter Conference, always in a location where photons are plentiful.  We enthusiastically welcome membership in the Society by students, and strive to facilitate their professional training and development of contacts in the business.  This is partially accomplished through a program of Travel Awards for the annual Winter Conference.

Membership Levels & Annual Fees

  Term USA Canada* S. America*
Full Membership 1 Year $40 USD $40 CAD R$80 BRL
  2 Years $75 USD $75 CAD R$150 BRL
  3 Years $105 USD $105 CAD R$210 BRL
Postdoctoral Fellows 1 Year $25 USD $25 CAD R$50 BRL
  2 Years $45 USD $45 CAD R$90 BRL
Students 1 Year $15 USD $15 CAD R$30 BRL
  2 Years $25 USD $25 CAD R$50 BRL
* To simplify online payments, fees are charged in US Dollars at the exchange rate on March 7, 2013. Discounts apply to 2- and 3-year terms.

If you prefer to mail your application with a cheque, please select the download for your region:  South America  |  Canada  |  United States.  Applicants from other regions in the world should use the online payment form only.


Check Your Membership Status

Not sure if your membership is current or lapsed?  Enter your e-mail address below to find out.

Reimbursement Form

To qualify for expense reimbursement, please e-mail your completed reimbursement form to the I-APS Treasurer noted on the form along with a copy to the I-APS President. Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to enable fillable fields and automatic calculations within the PDF.




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