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I-APS Awards:  2011

2011 I-APS Award in Photochemistry

Kirk S. Schanze
University of Florida

~ for his fundamental and influential work in areas that include organic materials chemistry and the application of this knowledge in energy research, sensing, photonics, and light-activated biocidal activity. Prof. Schanze has also contributed to the advancement of photochemistry and the photosciences through his service to the Society, as well as to the ACS, GRC, and NSF, and through outstanding teaching and mentoring of young scientists in the field.


2011 I-APS Young Investigator Award

Sivaguru Jayaraman
North Dakota State University

~ for his work in the areas of chiral photochemical processes in solution, nanoscience, organic chemistry, and host-guest supramolecular chemistry. Prof. Jayaraman has also proven himself as a dedicated teacher and mentor.


I-APS Fellowship

David R. McMillin
Purdue University

~ in recognition of his research accomplishments over a 35 year  career and for his outstanding service to the Society. In his early seminal work on Cu(I) diiimine complexes, Prof. McMillin, discovered their long-lived emissive excited states. Exciplexes and unusual excited states of transition metal compounds have been hallmarks of Prof. McMillin's research. A long-time active member of the Society, he has served in various capacities over the years, including President. Prof. McMillin is the 17th I-APS Fellow to be selected by the Society since the honor was introduced in 1994.


2011 G. Cilento Award

M. Laura Dántola
Universidad Nacional de La Plata

“Production and Quenching of Reactive Oxygen Species by Pterin Derivatives”


2011 Gerhard Closs Student Award

Kevin Stamplecoskie
University of Ottawa

Supervisor: J.C. Scaiano

"Using the Surface Plasmon Absorption of Silver Nanoparticles to a Maximum"


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