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I-APS Awards:  2010

2010 I-APS Award in Photochemistry

William Leigh
McMaster University

~ for his fundamental and influential work in characterizing the photochemistry of the group 14 elements silicon, germanium and tin, and the advancement of photochemistry and the photosciences through his service to the Society and through effective teaching and mentoring of young scientists in the field.


2010 I-APS Young Investigator Award

Marcia Levitus
Arizona State University

~ for her creative work in the area of biomolecular dynamics, using ultrasensitive fluorescence techniques to probe the biological implications of structural fluctuations in nucleosomes and to characterize the impact of covalent attachment on the fluorescent properties of dyes often used to label biomolecules


I-APS Fellowship

Robert S. H. Liu
University of Hawaii at Manoa

~ for outstanding research accomplishments and service to the field over a 45 year career


Gerhard Closs Student Award

Yunlong Zhang
Ohio State University

Supervisor: M.S. Platz

"Ultrafast UV-Vis/IR Spectroscopic and Theoretical Studies on the Photochemistry of Aryldiazirines: Direct Observation of the S1 Excited States"


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