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I-APS Awards:  2009

2009 I-APS Award in Photochemistry

V. Ramamurthy
University of Miami

~ for his long record of accomplishment in the area of supramolecular photochemistry, where he pioneered the use of microenvironments such as zeolites and capsules to control photochemical product distributions, and his strong contributions to the international community through organization of scientific meetings and editing numerous books and monographs on photochemistry.


2009 I-APS Young Investigator Award

Gonzalo Cosa
McGill University

~ for his creative work on developing new fluorescent sensors for reactive oxygen species in living cells and the use of liposome-based conjugated polymers for membrane sensing and single-molecule spectroscopy.


2009 Gerhard Closs Student Award

Tihana Mirkovic
University of Toronto, Toronto, ON Canada


2009 G. Cilento Award

Dr. Mariano Bossi
National Research Council of Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina


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